Mike Pence and Hamilton

All kidding aside, booing the VPEOTUS isn’t a good look.  For one thing, for all the problems with Pence, the office should probably mean something.  Pragmatically, it also impedes our ability to dialogue with people who may not yet realize just how problematic the Trump-Pence administration will be.  There’s already a lot of gross behavior and appointments going on in Team Trump, and there are plenty of ways to speak out and take action against them without booing (POTUS said “don’t boo, vote”.  This is “don’t boo, take productive action.”).

I’ll post more complete, meaningful thoughts on the election and transition at some point.  In the meantime, this is virtually the only thing that has happened since that I could side with Trump-Pence on, so I figured I would drop it here.  Hopefully if Romney gets Secretary of State or Bob Woodson gets HUD, that will change.


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