A Little Perspective RE: Pence and Hamilton

Let’s run the tape on this past week real quickly:


Bad things Trump and Trump World have done this week:

  • A White Nationalist is appointed Chief Strategist
  • Had top surrogate Giuliani say that ethics laws don’t apply to the position of POTUS
  • Nigel Farage, who Trump has already met in person, makes a joke about Trump groping women
  • One of his potential future cabinet members (Gingrich) says that Bannon can’t be anti-semitic because he has worked in Goldman Sachs and Hollywood
  • It came out that the President-Elect was so clueless about the job that the current POTUS is going to have to take more time than thought to try to get him up to speed.
  • Purges Mike Rogers, a respected Intel voice, from transition team because he was too close to Chris Christie, who Trump’s son-in-law has a personal vendetta against
  • Kris Kobach, part of his transition team, floated creating a registry for Muslims
  • Meets with Floyd Mayweather, a notorious domestic abuser, before his team ever contacted any government agency to begin coordinating the transition
  • Giuliani, who could be our next Secretary of State, is found to have taken money from Qatar and Venezuela
  • Begins talking with other foreign leaders prior to coordinating with these agencies (ironically enough, almost certainly over an insecure phone line)
  • Has a surrogate say on TV that Japanese internment is a positive precedent for a Muslim registry
  • Appoints a Russian tool as National Security Adviser
  • It comes out that said Russian tool sat on Trump-team intel briefings while being paid to give advice to foreign governments and agencies
  • Has Ivanka, who is supposedly going to be separate from the Trump White House to avoid conflicts-of-interest with the Trump Organization, sit in on a meeting with Prime Minister Abe
  • Blatantly lies about his election keeping a Ford plant in the US that was never going anywhere
  • Appoints an at-best former racist to be AG
  • It’s found that diplomats are being pressured to stay in Trump-brand hotels
  • Lashes out at cast of play for encouraging VPEOTUS to respect rights of all people
  • Who Knows What Else I have Forgotten


Remotely sympathetic things occurring to Trump and Transition

  • Mike Pence got booed

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