InterVarsity USA and an Evangelical view of sexuality

Time went with the story first, best I’m aware:

One of the largest evangelical organizations on college campuses nationwide has told its 1,300 staff members they will be fired if they personally support gay marriage or otherwise disagree with its newly detailed positions on sexuality starting on Nov. 11.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA says that it will start a process for “involuntary terminations” for any staffer who comes forward to disagree with its positions on human sexuality, which holds that any sexual activity outside of a husband and wife is immoral.

The only problem? InterVarsity isn’t cutting ties with people based on gay marriage. They did, however, set a standard that says employees must adhere to traditional Evangelical beliefs on what a biblical sexual ethic looks like.


1 – InterVarsity is a private organization.  They should be free to employee whoever they desire.

2 – Private schools where InterVarsity has a chapter also have the right to respond as they please.

3 – As an Evangelical who has some moderate tendencies on the gay marriage issue, I would say there is a huge difference between using gay marriage as a litmus test for employment and using a belief in the traditional Christian sexual ethic as one.  Many evangelicals who believe that homosexuality is unbiblical and that the church should not view it as unsinful still hold that gay marriage is perfectly fine from a legal/societal standpoint.  That said, it is also perfectly reasonable that an evangelical organization that promotes evangelical beliefs would want its employees to hold, well, evangelical beliefs.



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