Gary Johnson has a Yikes Moment, Edition 4,947

Read this NYT article on Johnson’s current mess:

But when pressed four times on whether he saw a moral equivalence between deaths caused by the United States, directly or indirectly, and mass killings of civilians by Mr. Assad and his allies, Mr. Johnson made clear that he did.

“Well no, of course not — we’re so much better than all that,” Mr. Johnson, a former New Mexico governor, said sarcastically. “We’re so much better when in Afghanistan, we bomb the hospital and 60 people are killed in the hospital.”

I’m pretty sure we can have a serious debate about US over-reliance on bombs and drones without equating our actions to Assad’s.  Also, Gary Johnson is not serious.  For evidence, see this gem from the article:

In the Times interview on Wednesday, Mr. Johnson conspicuously sought to avoid another misstep. Asked if he knew the name of North Korea’s leader, Mr. Johnson replied, “I do.”

“You want me to name” the person, he said, then paused, before adding dryly, “Really.” But he declined to supply the name.

Which is immediately followed by:

Mr. Johnson complained that Mrs. Clinton was being judged on her base of knowledge rather than her interventionist instincts.

Gee, how dare we actually expect our Presidential candidates to know things? That’s so 2012.  It’s pretty clear at this point that Gary Johnson is little more qualified than Donald Trump to be POTUS based on actual policy and knowledge.  On the whole non-racist/non-sexist/non-xenophobic thing, sure Johnson is better.  But on almost every other count, he’s proven himself inadequate to even be a serious protest vote in a year that could use a serious 3rd party for once.


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