Trump and Evangelicals

Two good articles on Trump and Evangelicals in recent days:

From Erick Erickson at the Resurgent:

When you sell your soul to get a seat at Trump’s table, you own all of this. Robert Jeffress; Jerry Falwell, Jr.; Wayne Grudem; and the list goes on and on — they want to defend Trump by saying “he’s not Hillary.” No, he’s just a porn hustler — the type of man these gentlemen spent years rightly denouncing, a man with the same character as Bill Clinton that these men excoriated for his behavior.

Over at RedState, Jay Caruso has a similar analysis:

This is all about partisan politics, nothing more. Dobson and Falwell would be better off admitting that, instead of looking like hypocritical fools, beating their bibles for Donald Trump.

Pornography has been something Evangelicals have been fighting for years.  The trifecta of Trump telling twitter followers to watch a sex-tape, appearing in a Playboy video, and encouraging his then-wife to pose for Playboy should be significant.  I would argue that it’s different from the abortion issue in that Trump has not even payed lip-service to converting on the porn issue.  Whether it actually has an impact remains to be seen.

One final note: The man voters are supposed to choose because “Supreme Court Justices!” almost certainly believes the porn industry has more protection under the 1st Amendment than the press.  Not exactly the person who we should count on to choose pure constitutionalists.


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